Transit strike: Here’s the latest on SkyTrain negotiations

SkyTrain workers are set to walk off the job Tuesday unless the union representing workers and the employer come to an agreement Monday. As negotiations between both parties continued behind closed doors on Monday, TransLink CEO Kevin Desmond said he is hopeful a deal could be reached, but urged SkyTrain users to make alternative arrangements. […]

General election: Boris Johnson refuses to accept evidence that tax burden would rise under Tories – live news | Politics

The most awkward questions for Boris Johnson today came on the subject of tax. Overnight the Conservatives briefed out a story about how they would hold a budget in February “which will cut taxes for hardworking families” and this morning the Daily Telegraph and the Times both splashed on stories about the Tories offering tax […]

General election: McDonnell questions truth of Trump’s NHS claim – live news | Politics

Q: How would a border work between independent but in EU Scotland and out of EU England. Would it be a hard border, like the feared one in Scotland? Jack, 29, works in insurance, St Albans That’s going to be one of the looming questions should there be a second independence referendum campaign, and I’m […]