General election: Boris Johnson refuses to accept evidence that tax burden would rise under Tories – live news | Politics

The most awkward questions for Boris Johnson today came on the subject of tax. Overnight the Conservatives briefed out a story about how they would hold a budget in February “which will cut taxes for hardworking families” and this morning the Daily Telegraph and the Times both splashed on stories about the Tories offering tax […]

General election: McDonnell questions truth of Trump’s NHS claim – live news | Politics

Q: How would a border work between independent but in EU Scotland and out of EU England. Would it be a hard border, like the feared one in Scotland? Jack, 29, works in insurance, St Albans That’s going to be one of the looming questions should there be a second independence referendum campaign, and I’m […]

To the Brink of Democracy and an Unholy Alliance with the US

With the installation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the second of the (self-declared) oldest democracies of the world, has, alongside political developments in the United States, reached a tipping point. The political system(s), and most importantly the traditional principle of the division of powers, of both will have to demonstrate […]